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La modelo alemana Martina Big está dando de qué hablar en todo el mundo por su increíble transformación.

Ella pasó de ser una mujer rubia y blanca a una mujer de piel color negra y pelo crespo, todo por su afán de verse bronceada.


MZUNGU MMOJA WA UJERUMANI AJIBADILI KUWA MWAFRIKA akiongea na gazeti la #dailmail amasema alichotaka maishani kinatimia #martinabig alitamani kuwa mwanamke mweusi amechomwa sindano kaza kujibadili ikiwemo ya rangi yake kuongeza matiti na yuko mbioni kuchoma sindano kuongeza matako.. A white ex-stewardess now going by the name of #MartinaBig, 28 claims that she has completed a major step in reaching her goal of being a “wonderful” black woman. ​______________________________​ She Writes: "I have great news​ :)​​ ​I had done the next step in my transformation to a black woman :)​ ​Yesterday I was with an African hairdresser and got a hair extension with curly, African hair :)​ ​To become more and more a black woman, that is such a wonderful feeling :) I'm so happy :)​ ​Next, I’ll have consultations for the butt enlargement and for the African facial features. ​​______________________________​ ​ ​Interestingly,in an interview with #DailyMail Martina she went on record to say then that despite the tanning procedure making her look black, she had no intentions whatsoever of trying to “be a black girl.” Looks like she has a change of heart since then.​ ​______________________________​ She Goes on to a vlog about how hard it was for her as a black woman to get checked into her hotel because her Passport photo did not match and shares a heat-warming comment from one of her more open-minded fans. ​______________________________

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Según explicó Big en una entrevista, desde que es negra su vida es otra: “Desde que el doctor me inyectó la primera dosis para verme oscura, mi piel comenzó a ponerse como yo quería. Y estoy feliz de que funcionara tan bien. Me veo fabulosa”.

Martina Biga además de llamar la atención por su nueva imagen, ella tiene los senos más grandes que una mujer pueda tener, y además espera tener un récord mundial por su tamaño.

“Cuando estaba en séptimo grado en la escuela, tenía un tamaño de busto natural de 32 D. Ahora soy seis veces esa talla y me agrada mucho”, comenta la modelo.


A former #white air hostess has said that she is now a black #glamour #model with 32S #breasts. . . #MartinaBig, from #Germany, spent £50,000 on plastic surgery for a breast enlargement, believed to be the biggest in #Europe. . . She had the boob job done before deciding to make herself ‘darker and darker and see what the limits are’ and did it with melanin injections in a procedure in the US. . . She told The Maury Show: ‘I am black. That is my race. I can’t wait to go to Africa because I hear the food is tasty. It’s better to be black, the feeling inside is just better. . . She added: ‘I am the proud owner of black skin. If it starts fading, I won’t fell less black. I will ask them for more.’ . . Martina said that she still has ‘a lot to learn’ and is ’80 per cent black’. Defending herself against accusations of #racism she said: ‘No I don’t want to [cause offence]. I know some feel attacked, but it’s not my intention. I do it for myself and only talk to people who want to talk with me about this.’ . . She had her first #surgery in 2012 and says she initially wanted to look like a Barbie, but with more curves. . . Talking about her life she said: ‘My parents and my younger sister died in 2011 in a glazed frost accident. It happened on a serpentine road along the Moselle River.’ She added that she wants to keep hold of happy memories, rather than that fateful day. . . Martina said: ‘We drove for example once with the car non-stop from the Eifel to the Cote d’Azur, simply to get out of the rain and into the sun. . . ‘My father was so tired after the drive that he slept the entire day on the beach and burnt his entire back. But the red quickly turned into brown. When I now look at my dark brown skin, I think of this.’ Martina said her fiancee Michael, who she met at school in Germany’s oldest city of Trier, is her biggest support in life. . . Michael, who is now also taking the injections to become black, is also Martina’s ..READ MORE AT MElodychuksblog.com.

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Según la prensa internacional, Big cuenta con más de 20 procedimientos quirúrgicos con los que ha logrado cambiar toda su imagen.